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ISLAND RAB   Situated between 44.41' and 44.51' north latitude, the happy Island of Rab sits in the middle of the Gulf of Kvarner, accompanied by dozens of other Croatian islands. Like the Croatian coast itself, this 22 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide island stretches northwest - southeast and is separated from the mainland by the Velebit channel.

Weather on the island of Rab is pleasent as warm summers take turns with gentle winters, amounting to a special kind of Mediterranean climate. With around 2600 hours of sunshine a year (that is only 9 overcast days in the entire summer) Rab is a great location for a holiday.  Temperatures range between 8 and 17 C in April,all the way to 17-28 C in July and August, with average sea temperature of 25 C.
Oh, and most important of all. Rab is an island with abundance of water, so please, drink it and don't buy it in plastic bottles. Help us protect the environment we live in and you love to visit.
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Our apartment is situaited in one fishermen village on the island Rab,name Kampor.

Most preserved fishermen village on the island, Kampor, is neatly wrapped in the forest reservation "Dundo". Filled with beaches (Mel is our favourite, for the finest sand and the nicest sunsets) as well as hiking and biking trails, Kampor combines modern with traditional, organic food production with rustic restaurants.

Kampor also houses one of the oldest libraries and archives of Croatian writing in this part of the Adriatic, collected by father Ambroz Testen during his stay at the franciscan monastery of St. Eufemia, now an Etnographic museum.

Local festivals are held on Easter Monday, as well as holiday of St. Eufemia on the 16th of September. Wellcome!

Lupiĉ Stanka

Kampor 297,51280 RAB


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